Family Pomatomidae, BLUEFISHES
Pomatomus saltatrix






4. Bluefish: Always attracts a crowd of casters, usually on the north and south jetties during the early winter months. Will hit silver spoons best but also can be taken on bottom rigs with cut bait. Daily
limit is 10 and fish must measure at least 12 inches in length.

Description: color blue or greenish blue on back, sides silvery; mouth large; teeth prominent, sharp, and compressed; dorsal and anal fins nearly the same size; scales small; lateral line almost straight.

Similar Fish: blue runner, C. crysos.

Where found: young usually INSHORE spring and summer, moving OFFSHORE to join adults fall and winter; strong migration of northeast Atlantic stock to Florida east coast in winter.

Size: most west coast catches under 3 pounds, much larger on east coast.

Florida Record: 22 lbs., 3 ozs.

Remarks: travels in large schools, following schools of baitfish; cannibalistic; all members of a given school about the same size; spawning occurs OFFSHORE in spring and summer.