Whitey’s Cobia Tournament 15’

"Cobia for Cash"

March 1st - April 30th

Leader Board As Of April 14, 2015

1st place 

2nd Place

3rd Place

Brian Banchy

Charlie Ryder

25 lbs

          22 1/2 lbs


Date: 3/25

Date: 3/18


Entry fee is $20 per angler.
Tournament is 100% payout.

  1. All anglers wishing to participant shall pay the entry fee for this tournament of $20.
  2. Neither withdrawal nor disqualification shall warrant a refund of any kind. Absolutely no refunds shall be granted for any reason.
  3. All participants must enter prior to fishing for the tournament.
  4. Nothing in these tournament rules shall be construed to limit or restrict the authority of the directors to modify, add, delete or make other such changes to these rules as deemed necessary, at their discretion.
  5. All fish will be weighed at Whitey’s on their Certified Scales.
  6. A Whitey’s employee will weigh all fish during business hours.
  7. The official commencement of this tournament is 5:30 am on the morning of Wednesday, March 1, 2015. The tournament will run until close of business on Thursday, April 30, 2015.
  8. There will be a 100% pay out of all entry fees.
  9. In the event of a tie the prize money will be divided evenly among the anglers for that place amount.
  10. The owners of Whitey’s reserve the right to disqualify any angler believed to be acting in an unsportsman like manner.
  11. Mutilated fish will not be accepted.
  12. All fish must be caught on hook and line. Gigged or speared fish will not be allowed.
  13. In the event of a tie, first fish weighed in wins.
  14. Each participant can only win one place.

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