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We strive to provide a wide variety of fresh bait to fish Sebastian Inlet and surrounding waters. Our live bait is kept on a closed filtration system that helps maintain the water to an extremely good quality. This system keeps all the bait fish and shrimp strong and lively before being sold. Here is a brief overview of the bait we have available. Click on the bait for more information, and how to fish with it.


Shrimp: The best all around bait. They are easy to keep alive and a standard item on any fishes menu. Delivered alive from the West Coast of Florida five days a week. We sell our shrimp by the dozen based on size. Handpicks are available.

Pinfish:Known as "sailor's choice". Pins thrive on the flats in the Indian River and offshore on the reefs. They are a good all around bait for fishing Sebastian Inlet year round. They are extremely hardy and hold up well to casting and fishing strong currents. Usually available for sale year round.


Pigfish: Another local specialty, preferred by all. Found on the flats and around bridges in the river. Pigfish are hard to catch in the winter and early spring. Although they are not as strong as pinfish, they make a unique grunting sound that drives the fish crazy. Pigfish are a great bait for fishing for any type of game fish.

Finger Mullet: A great little bait for any type of fishing. They are plentiful and hardy. Mullet are a sure temptation for anybody lurking close by. Check our availability year round.

Mud Minnows: Their natural habitat is the shoreline of any river. Known also as killy fish, the are great flounder baits. They are small in size and sold only during the winter months. Very hardy little bait.

Sand Fleas: These small crustaceans are a great bait for many species. Pompano and whiting love them on the beach, and sheep head will eat them all day long in the river.

Fiddler Crabs: Small little crabs. Used on the beach for pompano and in the river for black drum and sheep head. We usually carry these little guys year round.

Clams: A good all around beach bait. A sure favorite for pompano, whiting and black drum. Delivered fresh and alive several days through the week. Sold year round.

Croakers: A snook delight. Highly sought after bait by any fisherman. Croakers make a very loud purring sound that vibrates through the water column and attracts fish. They are very sparse throughout the year and rarely available. A sure bet when available.

Frozen Baits: Our frozen bait selection is of the highest quality and standard. We stock a wide variety such as large silver mullet, finger mullet, clams, squid, shrimp and sand fleas. We also offer several kinds of frozen chum blocks. Large & Small Bonito are usually in stock for shark fishing or cut bait. Please call as availability is sometimes limited.

Frozen BaitsFrozen BaitsFrozen Baits

Offshore Baits: We pride ourselves in purchasing the best and affordable ballyhoo. Whether you need it rigged or unrigged. We should have a good supply. Also available of bottom fishing, we stock large 5lb. boxes of squid and sardines.

If you need information, or wish to book an Offshore Charter, please call us on 321-724-1440, or email us at: captstovall@whiteysonline.com